Pursue 2020 Kits!

Hurry Hurry!! Get yours before they're gone! The Pursue 2020 Convention has started, and they are letting everyone get a kit (Whether you paid for the convention seat, or not!!) 😲 The kits are $160 wholesale (and when you start adding up everything that's in the kit, you quickly realize that's HALF the cost of… Continue reading Pursue 2020 Kits!

September 2020 Promo’s!

Fall is just around the corner, and Harvest Spice is STILL available! (It won't be available for long.... hurry hurry!) Harvest Spice (Gathering Blend) is STILL in stock! (while supplies last) This September, stock up on dōTERRA Serenity®! With the ability to promote a calmer, more relaxed environment, dōTERRA Serenity is the perfect bedtime… Continue reading September 2020 Promo’s!

Best Life Essential Oils Additional August Promos

MORE August 2020 Promo’s!

Just when you thought the deals couldn't get any better (and you have to admit, the last few months had CRAZY awesome deals) dōTERRA outdoes itself... AGAIN!! Drumroll please... HARVEST SPICE IS BACK!!! Also, STARTING Monday August 17th there are 2 bundle deals with diffusers (while supplies last) MORE August 2020 Promo's beginning August 17th!… Continue reading MORE August 2020 Promo’s!

August 2020 Promo’s!

Save 15% on three Back to School Blends, plus free Caraway! (with 125+ LRP before 8/15) All August, save 15% on Thinker, InTune, and Motivate Touch! All August, save 15% on these three powerhouse oil blends: Thinker®, InTune®, and dōTERRA Motivate® Touch. With their uplifting and unique aromas, your kids will be ready to make… Continue reading August 2020 Promo’s!

LAST CALL! July “Summer Cashback Splash” Promo is ALMOST OVER!

Hurry! July "Summer Cashback Splash" promo ends July 31, 2020! This is your friendly reminder that there are only 2 DAYS LEFT to take advantage of the AMAZING July "Summer Cashback Splash" Promotion! Spread the word! This month only, new enrollees will get 50 dōTERRA dollars, which can be applied to future purchases. They just need… Continue reading LAST CALL! July “Summer Cashback Splash” Promo is ALMOST OVER!

BOGO’s Round #6 (July 29, 2020) – FINAL BOGO!

Today is the LAST DAY for BOGO's, and they've saved the best for last!! Buy Melissa, Get Roman Chamomile AND Yellow Mandarin FREE! Today only, when you place an order for Melissa, both Roman Chamomile and Yellow Mandarin will then be added to your order! Buy Melissa, Get Roman Chamomile and Yellow Mandarin FREE! Melissa:… Continue reading BOGO’s Round #6 (July 29, 2020) – FINAL BOGO!

BOGO’s Round #5 (July 28, 2020)

Buy Deep Blue Soothing Blend and get PastTense for free—today only! Buy Deep Blue, Get PastTense FREE! Leave Tension in the Past Today’s BOGO will help you leave tension behind so you feel your best. July 28 only, order Deep Blue® 5 mL Soothing Blend and receive PastTense® 10 mL completely free. buy deep blue,… Continue reading BOGO’s Round #5 (July 28, 2020)

BOGO’s Round #4 (July 27, 2020)

Buy Island Mint, get Purify for free! Buy Island Mint, get Purify FREE! Purely Mint to Be BOGOs aren’t a popularity contest . . . but if they were, Island Mint would win. We’re bringing back this fan favorite, so make sure you stock up! Today only, when you buy Island Mint 15 mL, Purify… Continue reading BOGO’s Round #4 (July 27, 2020)

BOGO’s Round #2 (July 21, 2020)

July 21, 2020 BOGO! Buy Turmeric, get Cheer FREE! Before we get into today's BOGO specifics, I have HUGE NEWS - The BOGO Box is STILL available! (I guess they are more prepared this time, because the last BOGO box sold out within a few hours!) Would you like to become a dōTERRA wholesale customer,… Continue reading BOGO’s Round #2 (July 21, 2020)

BOGO’s, BOGO’s and more BOGO’s!!!

Get ready for BOGO weeks! That’s right, TWO weeks starting tomorrow, Monday, July 20th! This July, BOGO’s will be a little different. Instead of BOGO’s happening all in just one week, they’ll actually be split across two weeks. There will be 3 days of BOGO’s starting tomorrow, from Monday, July 20 to Wednesday, July 22.… Continue reading BOGO’s, BOGO’s and more BOGO’s!!!

Symphony of the Cells Essential Oils Protocols

Essential Oil Treatments are NOW AVAILABLE in The Villages, FL!

Choose from 9 different Symphony of the CellsTM essential oil treatments! We are THRILLED to be able to offer these amazing essential oil treatments to residents of The Villages, FL, in the comfort and relaxation of their own home! There's Cardiovascular, Cellular, Chi, Digestive, Inflammation, Infectious Disease, Maxim, Neurological, and Respiratory protocols to choose from.… Continue reading Essential Oil Treatments are NOW AVAILABLE in The Villages, FL!

Are your pets “Fireworks Ready?”

Fireworks are VERY stressful for your pets! Pets can become so traumatized by the flashing lights and booming noises, that they run away in fear (and become lost) or have major health issues (like a seizure or heart attack!) Essential Oils can help tremendously! Serenity blend is probably my FAVORITE to use, because it has… Continue reading Are your pets “Fireworks Ready?”

July 2020 Promo’s!

dōTERRA July 2020 Enrollment Promo - $50 dōTERRA bucks FREE with any dōTERRA enrollment & initial order of $150 or more! It's a GREAT month to start your wellness independence with dōTERRA essential oils! If you are brand new to essential oils, and haven't yet enrolled a wholesale account with dōTERRA, THIS IS THE MONTH… Continue reading July 2020 Promo’s!

[VIDEO] June 2020 Promo’s! [VIDEO] doTERRA's June 2020 Promo's are AMAZING!! June 2020 Promotional Deals are absolutely AMAZING!!! Father's Day Special - Amavi Collection - is STILL available!!FREE Immortelle with ANY order over 200 PV's! (You can take advantage of this 4x!)Citrus Bloom has it's OWN COLLECTION now, for a limited time! LINKS and info are below! :)… Continue reading [VIDEO] June 2020 Promo’s!

[VIDEO] How to make your own Roller Balls, safely!

Roller balls are the quick and easy way to make SURE you have the correct dilution for the intended person, depending on their age and skin thickness! Below is a quick video I made to help you through the entire process. 🙂 How to make your own Roller Ball, safely! 5% is the "target… Continue reading [VIDEO] How to make your own Roller Balls, safely!

[VIDEO] ADAPTIV (and why I call it “liquid Ativan”) If you are dealing with grief, sad and/or anxious feelings, overwhelming feelings, etc., ADAPTIV by doTERRA is absolutely life-changing because it can help you INSTANTLY in those moments, while you are waiting for your prescription medicine to kick in! ADAPTIV has made ALL the difference in my struggles with grief, as well as all… Continue reading [VIDEO] ADAPTIV (and why I call it “liquid Ativan”)

[VIDEO] Restore and Protect: Limited Edition Enrollment Kits

These amazing enrollment kits are ONLY available until 5/31/2020 (or until they run out!) Limited Edition doTERRA Enrollment Kits RESTORE and PROTECT are still available, and are a fantastic deal! Click the links below, to get yours today before they run out!! Protect Kit: Respond Kit: HURRY, HURRY!! Things run out quickly… Continue reading [VIDEO] Restore and Protect: Limited Edition Enrollment Kits

[VIDEO] Why choose doTERRA essential oils, Part 2

(The follow up to Part 1) To recap: doTERRA is a privately owned company, that is DEBT-FREE (even during this pandemic!)doTERRA's products are made in the USA! (not China!)Not only do they take care of their employees, but they take great care of their farmers, too!Bonus points... my dog (Laverne) didn't appreciate the mailman… Continue reading [VIDEO] Why choose doTERRA essential oils, Part 2