The BOGO Box is BACK! (Buy 5, Get 7 FREE!)

The BOGO Box is BACK…and it’s the BEST DEAL of the YEAR! Buy 5, Get 7 FREE! Save at LEAST $191 😍 Be sure to grab yours before they sell out!

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The BOGO Box is BACK…and it’s the BEST DEAL of the YEAR to stock up on some of your favorite staple oils and products!

Buy 5, Get 7 FREE! 🤩

What you get:
Rose Touch: Think all things gentle immune support, highest vibration prayer/meditation oil, and beautifying your skin oil.

Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules: If you know about the powerhouse that Turmeric powder is, these dual chamber capsules not only carry that incredible Ayurvedic powder but it also has the purest turmeric essential oil that makes this combo highly bioavailable.

15ml Copaiba: This oil supports every major body system…think nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system…this oil touches, calms and soothes all of them!

15ml Lavender: Think “all things calming” with this swiss army knife of oils! Lavender is known for its gentle calming, relaxing, and soothing properties.

15ml On Guard: This oil is all things “protection” when it comes to keeping your space cleansed (both physically and energetically) → put a few drops in your diffuser and enjoy the warm clove, cinnamon and wild orange aroma or pop a drop in the back of your throat when you are getting a scratchy throat!

🌟 BOGO BOX BONUS: Adaptiv Touch: this oil is all things calming to any temporary anxious feeling, and pairs beautifully with your Rose Touch as a naturally calming PUREfume.

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With the BOGO Box, we only know the 6 oils that we are paying for are. The other 6 oils/products are a FREE SURPRISE! 🤩

This box goes live on Tuesday November 16th.

$197 wholesale, or $262.67 retail, with a MASSIVE SAVINGS of $191 wholesale or $256 retail! 😍 Limit of 3 per account.

If you already have a Wholesale Account, here are some helpful tips:

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Let’s learn a little bit more about the essential oils that we KNOW are in the BOGO BOX! 🤓😍

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Now you can get two staples everyone needs in their house: Buy Lavender, Get Arborvitae for FREE.

Available on Tuesday November 16th.

💜 Lavender is probably most famous for its peaceful properties. Use to help wind down after a long day, or inhale when you are starting to feel overwhelmed at your To Do List. It is also soothing to the skin so it is great to have handy for any temporary skin irritations, completely reduces anxious feeling and promotes peaceful sleep.

Taken internally, it helps to ease feelings of tension. 😮 Pro tip → add a few drops to your lemonade and boom: you’ve got Lavender Lemonade!

❤️ Arborvitae doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves, which is such a shame because Arborvitae can be used for so many things. Arborvitae protects you against environmental and seasonal threats, and it’s a powerful cleansing and purifying agent.

✔️ Use Arborvitae for skin blemishes
✔️ Add this to your Immune Supporting roller for additional immune fighting support
✔️ Apply to support your lip health
✔️ Diffuse or apply to the chest for respiratory support
✔️ Add to Terrashield and Geranium as an awesome high powered natural bug spray

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Stay tuned for Wednesday’s BOGO! 🤩

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