BOGO Day 4: Buy Roman Chamomile, Get Copaiba + Black Spruce FREE!

Today’s BOGO is a Buy 1, get 2 FREE! 🎉 When you buy Roman Chamomile, you get Copaiba and Black Spruce FREE! 🎉

Plus, the BOGO Box is still available! (And ALL the products in the BOGO Box have been revealed!) 😲 🤩

Be sure to grab these AMAZING deals, before they’re gone! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💨

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It’s Day 4 of BOGO Week!

Buy Roman Chamomile, and get Copaiba + Black Spruce FREE!

Today only (Nov. 18th, 2022) when you add Roman Chamomile to your cart, you automatically get Copaiba and Black Spruce FREE!

That’s Buy 1, Get 2 FREE! 🥳

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Roman Chamomile is pure calm, whether it’s calm for your skin, or calm for your animals, or calm for your emotions.

My favorite go-to diffuser blend to keep all the animals calm during stressful events, is equal parts Roman Chamomile and Vetiver. It works wonders! 😍

Copaiba is a must-have in your essential oil collection!

When it comes to nerve pain, there’s nothing like Copaiba to calm everything down!

Plus, Copaiba is an essential oil magnifier… so adding it to ANY recipe, increases the potency of all of the OTHER oils in the recipe!

Add Copaiba to your drinking water, or take internally, or add to your skincare regimen! So versatile! 🤩

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Best Life Essential Oils image

Need CALM that smells like the Holidays?

Black Spruce to the rescue!

You can obviously add Black Spruce to any diffuser blend… but try combining it with any carrier oil to sore muscles or joints! Amazing! 😍

The BOGO Box is still available too!

Plus, ALL the products in the BOGO Box have been revealed! 😍

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When you buy the BOGO box you are purchasing the entire week of BOGO deals, all at once, plus you get Northern Escape as a free gift! That’s 10 products for the price of 4!

Wait. 10 products for the price of 4!?!? 🤯 (YES!)

The BOGO Box includes:
Cassia 15 mL
Deep Blue® 5 mL
dōTERRA On Guard® 15 mL
Roman Chamomile 5 mL

+ Breathe® Respiratory Blend (Wednesday’s BOGO)

+ Wild Orange 15 ml (Thursday’s BOGO)

+ Copaiba 15 ml AND Black Spruce 5 ml (Friday’s BOGO)

+ Deep Blue Stick (Saturday’s BOGO)

🌟 BOGO BOX BONUS: Northern Escape®—exclusively with the box!


This box is $140.00 wholesale, or $186.67 retail, with a MASSIVE SAVINGS of $117.50 wholesale with the BOGO Box!! 😍 (wholesale value $257.50) Limit of 5 per account while supplies last.

Let’s take a better look at the products that are in the BOGO BOX!

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Best Life Essential Oils image

If you are new and have not gotten started with doTERRA yet, you are going to be extra spoiled! When you enroll with the BOGO Box, you’ll also receive the gift of a one-year dōTERRA membership for FREE! (That unlocks wholesale pricing for a whole year to purchase oils or products, whenever you want.) 😍

New BOGO deals will be announced every day this week!

Stay tuned! 🤩


Have you BOGO’d with dōTERRA before? If not I want to make sure that you don’t miss out because these deals move FAST, so let me give you all the details and answer a few questions you may have:

👉 “What even is a “BOGO”?

✅ Buy one, get one FREE!🎉 Generally this is like a “buy an On Guard, get a Breathe for free” kind of deal, so you get two totally different oils with each BOGO. Each BOGO is available the whole week for purchase (while supplies last) from November 15th through November 19th.

👉 “Do I have to purchase each BOGO each day or can I bundle them and save on shipping?”

✅ Great question! dōTERRA just announced that we can order the BOGO box which has every single BOGO for all 5 days in it already, this will be released on Tuesday November 15th and you can get 5 per account. This box is $140.00 wholesale, or $186.67 retail, with a MASSIVE SAVINGS of $117.50 wholesale!! 😍 Limit of 5 per account while supplies last.

👉 “Do these sell out or do I have all day to order?”

✅ These deals are HIGH demand, that is why dōTERRA has to put limits on them so they absolutely can sell out. I would grab yours first thing in the morning to make sure you are not missing out!

👉 “Should I order through my Loyalty Rewards or a Standard order?”

✅ Completely up to you but if you want to really want to maximize your account, I highly recommend adding the BOGO Box to your LRP template and processing with one other standard item to earn back the points on your order. Remember, any LRP order over 50pv will earn a percentage back + shipping back in points!

👉 “What if I want to order additional BOGOs?”

✅ The great news is that you can order up to 5 BOGO Boxes and up to 5 of each BOGO each day.

👉 “When are the BOGOs released each day?”

✅ BOGOs are a bit different this round, and we are here for it! The BOGOs are released all at once on November 15th and you can purchase all of them through November 19th.

👉 “I have points burning a hole in my pocket, can I use them for BOGOs?”

✅ Short answer: no. Points cannot be used for BOGOs. However, there are still many other amazing products and items that you can use your points for this week while you checkout with your BOGO orders.

👉 “I’m not a member with dōTERRA, can I sign up and get the BOGOs?”

✅ Yep! You have two options:
You can grab your wholesale access for $35 and add on the BOGO(s) of your choice.
You can select one of our starter kits, OR the BOGO box and the $35 fee is waived!
Enroll with a BOGO Box and get your wholesale membership for FREE!

Hope you have a BOGO-tastic week!

As always, if you have ANY questions, please contact me! 💐

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