BOGO Week, Day 4!

Today’s BOGO features an incredible duo to alleviate occasional discomforts! Today only, Buy Copaiba, get Wintergreen for F R E E! 😍 Plus, the BOGO Box is still available! (Wait, WHAT?) 😲 Be sure to grab yours today, before they run out! ⏰

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Today’s BOGO is an incredible combo. These two combined creates a powerhouse duo to alleviate occasional discomforts.

Today only, Buy Copaiba, get Wintergreen for F R E E!

I never run out of amazing things to say about Copaiba. It truly supports the body as a whole, from the cardiovascular system, to the immune, and digestive systems when ingested (and has powerful antioxidant properties to boot) Just a drop under your tongue, is all it takes! I also add it to my drinking water too! (Always in a GLASS glass!) 🤓

👉 Copaiba also helps calm, soothe, and support the nervous system. Need some restful sleep? Diffuse two drops each of Copaiba, Vetiver Lavender, and Wild Orange at night. Who couldn’t use a little less temporary anxious feelings and little more sleep these days?

Aside from the immense benefits Wintergreen offers our tired muscles, there are some really cool fun facts about this oil.

👉 Wintergreen is actually pink. What the what? And it’s actually denser than water, which means it sinks in your diffuser, but it will still smell amazing. Pro Tip → Drop 4 drops of Wintergreen and 3 drops of Madagascar Vanilla in your favorite diffuser, and get ready for the whole room to smell like root beer!

Layer this duo with your favorite carrier, wait, and then top with Deep Blue Rub for deep discomfort.

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The BOGO Box is STILL AVAILABLE…and it’s the BEST DEAL of the YEAR to stock up on some of your favorite staple oils and products!

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With the BOGO Box, we know the 6 oils that we are paying for, and since it’s day 4 of the BOGO deals, we know 4 of the free products too.

The other 2 oils/products are a FREE SURPRISE! 🤩

🎁 (which makes it like Christmas!) 🎄

Adaptiv Touch is ALSO free, when you buy the entire BOGO Box!

$197 wholesale, or $262.67 retail, with a MASSIVE SAVINGS of $191 wholesale or $256 retail! 😍 Limit of 3 per account.

If you already have a Wholesale Account, here are some helpful tips:

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Let’s learn a little bit more about the essential oils that we KNOW are in the BOGO BOX! 🤓😍 (2 more to go!)

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s BOGO! 🤗

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