BOGO Week, Day 5!

It’s the LAST DAY of BOGO’s… and today’s BOGO is a Buy One, Get TWO! Buy Rose Touch, Get Peppermint AND Helichrysum Touch for FREE! 😍 Plus, the BOGO Box is still available! (Wait, WHAT?) 😲 Be sure to grab yours before they run out! ⏰

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What’s better than a Buy One, Get One?
👉 Buy One, Get TWO for FREE! 🎉 Say what!? YESSSS!!!

Today ONLY, Buy Rose Touch, Get Peppermint AND Helichrysum Touch for FREE.

⚡️ Rose Touch makes a perfect “PURE”fume and gives an emotionally uplifting aroma. Rose essential oil, often referred to as the “Queen of Essential Oils” is very rare. In fact, it takes over 20,000 rose petals to extract enough oil for a 5 mL bottle. By creating Rose Touch, dōTERRA is able to lower the cost on this precious oil and make it available to more people. This oil is very moisturizing to the skin (as many floral essential oils are), and may reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. I love layering this oil beneath my favorite skin cream for additional moisture and to help promote a healthy complexion. Rose is incredible to promote emotions of grace, forgiveness, and gentleness to your emotions.

⚡️ Peppermint as you know has many important uses in our daily lives. From freshening your breath to cooling a hot flash to settling an upset stomach we can not go one day without this necessity! Not to mention the job it does on tackling head discomfort as well as any muscle tension. I carry this with me from day to day and know I can never have too much because I use it so often!

Pro tip → Falling asleep at your desk? Put a drop or 2 of Peppermint in your palms, rub together and take a big deep breath in. Ahhh- much better than reaching for that 3rd cup of coffee.

⚡️ Helichrysum is renowned for its topical restorative and rejuvenating properties. My FAVORITE USE for Helichrysum is for varicose veins, and to stop bleeding on cuts, scrapes, etc. Time to add this roller to your first aid kit! Rub on the occasional bump to reduce swelling. Helichrysum Touch can help reduce the appearance of blemishes. Roll on the skin to promote a glowing, youthful complexion. When you have Helichrysum Touch in your purse, you’re prepared for life’s boo-boo’s!

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The BOGO Box is STILL AVAILABLE…and it’s the BEST DEAL of the YEAR to stock up on some of your favorite staple oils and products!

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With the BOGO Box, we know the 5 oils that we are paying for, and since it’s the last day of BOGO week, we know the 6 free products too!

Adaptiv Touch is ALSO free, when you buy the entire BOGO Box!

That’s buy 5, get 7 FREE!

$197 wholesale, or $262.67 retail, with a MASSIVE SAVINGS of $191 wholesale or $256 retail! 😍 Limit of 3 per account.

If you already have a Wholesale Account, here are some helpful tips:

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Let’s learn a little bit more about the essential oils that are in the BOGO BOX! 🤓

That’s the last BOGO! Be sure to grab yours before they sell out!

🤗 Have a wonderful weekend! 🤗

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