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dōTERRA Holiday 2022 Products!

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The Holidays are around the corner! And you know what THAT means…


And this year, they outdid themselves! Absolutely AMAZING! 😍🎄

Here’s the full lineup! (Most will be available November 1st!)

Let’s look more closely at the dōTERRA 2022 Holiday products!

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Holiday Joy and Holiday Peace blends are BACK!

These amazing Holiday blends are MUST-HAVES!

Pro-tip: These sell out QUICKLY every year, so please stock up while you can!

Pro-tip #2: Do your pets get super nervous with all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays? Diffusing Holiday Peace helps them TOO! (It’s the Vetiver in the blend – you can add more Vetiver to your diffuser too, if needed!) 🎄🐶🐱🎄

Holiday Room Sprays!

Holiday Peace Room Spray is BACK again this year!

Known in Nordic countries as hygge—pronounced “hoo-gah”—this feeling of coziness and contentment inspired Hygge oil blend.  Hygge Room Spray is a PERFECT way to enjoy nights by the fire, or any family gathering!

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

Train Diffuser Combo!

This might be the star of the 2022 Holiday Products showcase, and a surefire conversation piece!

It’s a decoration AND a diffuser! And it whistles! 🚂🎄

Plus, it comes with a 5 ml bottle of undiluted Stronger blend (Children’s Protective Blend) too! WOW! 😍

Diffusing Garland!

You read that right…. it’s decorative garland, that can be a diffuser too!

Just add a few drops of your favorite doTERRA essential oils to the 100% organic wool beads! SO simple! 🎄

Each strand is 9 feet long. Be sure to buy according to your decorating needs! 🎄

Available December 1st!

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

Blue Lotus Touch is BACK!

The coveted fan favorite Blue Lotus is BACK in convenient Touch roll-on form! It’s the perfect holiday addition to your skincare routine, and it smells AMAZING too! 🥰

Essential Oil Storage Case!

Storing your essential oils safely is a MUST, and this super cute storage case is perfect for travel, or your countertop!

Dark Chocolate Mini Bars!

Treat yourself (and your friends & family) to AMAZING decadence that’s actually good for you!

Keto-Friendly, Sugar-Free, AND Gluten-Free! 😍

These always sell out QUICK, so stock up while you can!

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

Cuisine Blend Collection!

Whipping up healthy food that is actually GOOD for you, has never been so easy!

Check out the free eBook with recipes too!

You can also get each Cuisine blend separately too!


That’s not a typo! Instead of toxic synthetic perfume on your skin, treat yourself to PURE essential oils, blended to be worn as your new personal aroma!

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

Mālama™ Collection!

The Mālama™ blend (Nurturing Blend) is one of the newest blends, and it has created a LOT of buzz! It’s sure to become your new favorite blend!

The Mālama™ Collection of products is available this Holiday season, only while supplies last!

You can also get them individually, too!

Midnight Forest Gift Set!

Treat the men in your life to products they will LOVE to use every single day! (You might want to stock up for upcoming birthdays, too!) Available December 1st!

You can also get them individually, too!

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

NEW Hope Touch!

Hope Touch Uplifting Blend is updated, and better than ever!

As always, every single Hope Touch purchase goes towards the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, to fight human trafficking and victimization!

What a GREAT way to give back to others! 😇

Be sure to put one in EVERY stocking this year, and let them know they are helping to fight human trafficking! 🥰🎄

Be sure to grab your Wishlist items before they sell out! 🤶🎅

🎄 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 🎄

As always, if you have ANY questions, please Contact Me! 💮

Essential Oil Tips and Tricks

Spice up your Valentine’s Day with Essential Oils! 🥰

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I often get asked if you can use Essential Oils in the bedroom… and the answer is YES!

Yes, Yes… YES!

Below are AMAZING recipes that will be sure to please, in more ways than one! 🥰

Please please please make sure to use LOTS of carrier oil! Also, due to the level of purity needed on such delicate & sensitive skin, you MUST use doTERRA essential oils! (No exceptions!)

💕 Make this Valentine’s Day the BEST ONE EVER! 💕

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

Download/Print the recipes below!

💐 Happy Valentine’s Day! 💐

Essential Oil Tips and Tricks

Are your pets “Fireworks Ready?”

Fireworks are VERY stressful for your pets!

Pets can become so traumatized by the flashing lights and booming noises, that they run away in fear (and become lost) or have major health issues (like a seizure or heart attack!)

Essential Oils can help tremendously!

Serenity blend is probably my FAVORITE to use, because it has Lavender in it. If you only have ONE doTERRA essential oil in your tool kit for pets, Lavender will work great in a pinch. Even the great Ceaser Milan agrees!

There is a great recipe in the Essential Life book (aka the “Oil Bible”) for a Doggie Anxiety Spray that I spray on the dog bed, or in the car before traveling, or just spray in the air if I need QUICK results! (Vetiver adds an extra layer of SUPER calmness, that is usually reserved for big animals such as horses!)

Doggie Anxiety Spray

(pg 457 The Essential Life book, 6th edition)

  • 4 oz glass spray bottle
  • 20 drops dōTERRA Lavender essential oil
  • 10 drops dōTERRA Cederwood essential oil
  • 5 drops dōTERRA Vetiver essential oil
  • 5 drops dōTERRA Frankincense essential oil
  • Distilled water

Diffusing any of these essential oils into the air, is also REALLY relaxing for your pet! (and for you, too!)

Some other essential oils that I love to diffuse in the house during stressful times, are Adaptiv blend, Balance blend, Copaiba, and Roman Chamomile, and Vetiver.

Remember, if you are applying essential oils directly to their fur, you ALWAYS want to make sure to dilute your dōTERRA essential oils! Just because they have fur, doesn’t mean they can handle essential oils at full strength!

Here is a handy dilution chart, no matter what size your best friend is:

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

If you would like more information about how to add dōTERRA essential oils to your life, please contact me or email me for more information!