I tried the Samples – Now What?

Now that you know how amazing dōTERRA essential oils really are, How do you get more?

Let’s get you living your BEST LIFE, with the products you need for your issues!

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YAY! You got your samples!

You ripped the package open, and were SO HAPPY with all of the information provided for your specific issues…

…and you tried the dōTERRA samples…

…and WOW! They are AMAZING! 😍

No WONDER everyone raves about dōTERRA essential oils!


You probably want MORE, right?

The decision now, is whether to buy the product(s) at:

Wholesale price (25% off all the time, with LOTS of perks)


Retail price (no discount, and no perks)

Best Life Essential Oils image

If you want the most bang for your buck, you want your own dōTERRA Wholesale Account!

That’s 25% OFF for an ENTIRE YEAR!

The best part is NO STRINGS! And NO MIDDLEMAN!

And LOTS of perks! 😍

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

When we say “no strings” we mean NO STRINGS!

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Start living your BEST LIFE!

If you already know which products you want to get, you’re all set!

(That’s half the battle!)

Click HERE to see the dōTERRA wholesale enrollment kits!

(Or create your own customized enrollment kit, for only $35 more!)

You can purchase dōTERRA products without an account, too!

You just pay more and don’t get any perks, that’s all!

Best Life Essential Oils image

Best Life Essential Oils image

There are always FANTASTIC Monthly Specials going on, too!

Check out what’s going on this month!

Have Questions? Need Help?

If you’re NOT SURE which products to get, that’s where I come in!

I absolutely LOVE helping people get the products they need, within their budgets, for their specific issues!

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Here’s to living your BEST LIFE, every day! 🥳