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How to Use Your BOGO Box Products! 📦🎁

If you’re like me, you ordered the BOGO Box right away… which means it’s probably already been delivered to your door! 📦

So now you might be wondering,

“What do I do with all of these fantastic doTERRA products?”

Here is some information to help! 🎁

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

Brief Descriptions

Beautiful Touch: Think all things gentle immune support, high vibration prayer/meditation oil, and beautifying your skin oil.
Adaptiv® Capsules: Take 1-2 when you have feelings of anxiousness or support mental unease.
Lemon: Crisp, fresh, and perfect for your water
Lavender: Think “all things calming” with this swiss army knife of oils! Lavender is known for its gentle calming, relaxing, and soothing properties.
On Guard Touch: This oil is all things “protection” when it comes to keeping your space cleansed (both physically and energetically)
dōTERRA Serenity®: Rest has never been better.
Oregano: Immune powerhouse in a bottle.
Air-X®: Cleanse the air and open your airways.
dōTERRA Balance®: Ground yourself first thing in the morning by applying to the bottom of you feet.
dōTERRA Breathe® Touch: A staple every household needs! Roll over your chest when you feel a tad stuffed up.
Tea Tree: Think of all things skin, hair, and nails!
Peppermint Touch: Use it for a midday pick me up or gently roll on your temples for occasional head tension.

Citrus Bloom: Wonderful combination of citrus and floral scents. Perfect for the diffuser or for diffuser jewelry!

More In-Depth Info

Diffuser Recipes

Best Life Essential Oils image

As always, please contact me if you have any further questions!

Hope you have a BOGO-tastic day! 💐

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