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doTERRA’s CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils are the Gold Standard in Essential Oils! There are NO other products on the market that even come CLOSE to doTERRA’s quality and purity!

(All of the doTERRA products are shipped seperately by doTERRA, based in Utah)

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Shop Ginger’s Handcrafted Remedies

Ginger’s Handcrafted Remedies are crafted with the highest quality all natural ingredients and doTERRA essential oils! No funk, no junk!

(Ginger’s Handcrafted Remedies are shipped via Best Life Essential Oils based in The Villages, FL, by Ginger herself!)

dōTERRA Promotions this Month

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I’m SO excited to start the New Year off RIGHT, and January’s Promo’s are here to help you focus on your immune health and overall wellness!

You can get Japanese Peppermint 15 mL FREE, when you place a 125 PV loyalty order by January 15th!

Arborvitae is 10% off all month long, too!

There’s a new Wellness Program too, and it’s all about your digestive system! As we all know, most of our immune health is in our gut (literally) so it’s a great time to start the New Year off right, with super gut health!

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Introducing… (drumroll please)… evōlve YOU!

If you want to kickstart your health this year with a BANG, you need AMAZING natural products to help your body perform at its best!

For a limited time, choose from 3 individual kits (Immunity, Mind & Mood, or Relief) OR get all of them at once (Complete Kit) and SAVE!

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Each kit is available as a stand alone kit, or as an enrollment kit!

There are Vegan options available, too!

🎄🎁 Holiday items are still available! 🎁🎄