DigestZen® Softgels – Digestive Blend

DigestZen® Softgels  

Digestive Blend

doTERRA DigestZen® Softgels are a convenient and easy way to obtain the benefits of the proprietary DigestZen essential oil blend. Each vegetarian softgel contains 120 mg of DigestZen, the oil blend you know and trust for overall digestive health.*

DigestZen contains a unique combination of Ginger, Peppermint, Caraway, Anise, Coriander, Tarragon, and Fennel to aid in digestion and ease mild or occasional stomach discomfort in a soothing, natural way—all in a vegetarian softgel that dissolves easily.* DigestZen Softgels are perfect for on-the-go or for those wanting an easy way to consume DigestZen essential oil blend.

Directions for Use

Take 1 softgel one or more times daily as needed. 


Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Store in a cool, dry place.

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What Is DigestZen?

DigestZen is a soothing digestive essential oil blend from doTERRA that promotes healthy digestive function and relief from stomach upset.* Perfect for a nervous stomach and bloating.* DigestZen is also helpful in harmonizing emotional imbalances that can contribute to an upset stomach and digestive discomfort.* 

New and Improved DigestZen Formula

At doTERRA, we are committed to continuous essential oil research and improving our products accordingly. Emerging research around digestive health and essential oils has led us to an exciting reformulation of DigestZen Digestive blend intended to provide better efficacy, aroma, and flavor.* 

The updated formula includes nearly all of the same oils as before with the new addition of Cardamom essential oil, which is a powerful internal oil for digestive support* and has a lovely aroma that complements DigestZen well. Additionally, the amount of each oil in the blend has been adjusted. Our research supports more prominent roles for Ginger, Coriander, and Peppermint in particular. 

What Oils Are in DigestZen? 

DigestZen is a proprietary blend of Peppermint, Ginger, Cardamom, Caraway, Anise, Coriander, and Fennel essential oils. These oils are known for their supportive gastrointestinal benefits when ingested and together create a powerful digestive blend.* 

Peppermint is one of the most popular essential oils out there, and for good reason. Internal use of Peppermint offers a myriad of amazing benefits, including supporting healthy digestion.* Peppermint oil can ease occasional stomach upset when ingested.* The scent and flavor of Peppermint oil is refreshing, minty, and airy.

New to the blend, Cardamom essential oil aids digestion and respiratory function when taken internally.* Cardamom is a relative to Ginger and is known as the “Queen of Spices.” Cardamom oil supports gastrointestinal function and can help ease indigestion when ingested.*

Coriander is another oil in DigestZen. It is gently cleansing and helps maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract when ingested.* 

Ginger is distilled from the ginger rhizome, which is often used as a cooking spice. Ginger essential oil supports digestive health and may reduce occasional feelings of nausea.*

Caraway had been used to support digestion since Ancient Egypt, with written evidence dating its use to at least 1550 BC.* Caraway essential oil is distilled from the seeds of a sweetly scented herb in the carrot family. Popular in Scandinavian, German, and Russian recipes, Caraway oil eases flatulence, freshens breath, and acts as an overall digestive tonic.*

Sweet and sophisticated, Anise essential oil is often added to baked goods and liquors in Europe to promote digestive health.* It is a unique oil because it is steam distilled from dried anise fruits, which produces a soothing oil with a licorice-like aroma and potent digestive benefits.*

Fennel essential oil has been shown to relieve the discomfort associated with indigestion and to nurture a healthy intestinal tract.*

DigestZen can be taken internally to ease symptoms of occasional digestive disturbance, such as bloating, gas, and indigestion.* As a convenient alternative, you can take DigestZen softgels once a day or as needed. 

DigestZen can also be used topically, and comes in a touch roller for convenient application on kids. Rub one to four drops on the stomach before flying or taking a road trip for a calming aroma. Dilute one drop in four fluid ounces or more of water or tea to support digestion or minimize motion sickness.* DigestZen is designed to be used with or without the complementary line of DigestZen nutritional products.


What is different about the reformulated DigestZen blend?

Based on new research, we tweaked the essential oils in DigestZen so Ginger, Coriander, and Peppermint play a more prominent role in the blend. We also added Cardamom which is a powerful oil for internal digestive support and has a lovely aroma that complements DigestZen well.*

Why did doTERRA change the formulation?

doTERRA is committed to providing the best natural products by adjusting them based on new findings and research. The reformulated DigestZen blend has better efficacy, better taste, and a better aroma, taking the digestive benefits you love to the next level.

Which DigestZen products will this affect?

The reformulated DigestZen oil blend and Touch will be available in December. DigestZen Softgels and DigestTab will be updated in 2021. 

Will the old version of DigestZen still be available?

Once the reformulated DigestZen products are released, the old DigestZen products will no longer be available.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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