Celery Seed

Sourced from the celery plant, Celery Seed essential oil improves digestion when taken internally.* It is soothing to the skin and adds to a comforting after-workout massage.

Size: 15mL
Retail: $48.00
Wholesale: $36.00

Usage Tips:

  • Add a couple of drops to your morning smoothie
  • Take one to two drops of Celery Seed oil in water or a veggie capsule
  • Diffuse with Lemon essential oil for an uplifting scent

What Are the Benefits of Celery Seed Oil?

You’ve probably already heard all about the benefits of a celery juice cleanse, but do you know the benefits of taking the essential oil? Celery Seed essential oil has digestive benefits, similar to what people tout the celery juice cleanse for.* 

In addition to promoting healthy digestion, Celery Seed oil supports the nervous system when taken internally.* It is also soothing to the skin. 

Where Does Celery Seed Oil Come From? 

The celery you see in the grocery store is not the part of the celery plant that Celery Seed essential oil comes from. The celery plant grows up to three feet tall and takes two years to fully mature. When its matured, it produces fruit, which is small and tan or brown in color. The seeds, which is where the essential oil comes from, are found in the fruit.

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