Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry essential oil has a fresh, woodsy aroma that dispels stress and worry. Juniper Berry is refreshing to the skin and can also be taken internally to support the health of the urinary tract and kidneys.*

Size: 5 mL
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Usage Tips:

  • Add one to two drops to water or citrus drinks as part of a natural cleansing and detoxifying regimen.*
  • Apply one drop to skin to promote a clear, healthy complexion. 
  • Diffuse with Bergamot or another citrus oil of your choice to freshen and purify the air and lessen stress.
  • Take one to two drops in a capsule to support healthy kidney and urinary tract function.*
  • Create a freshening spray by adding a few drops to a spray bottle with water. Use this spray to freshen a linen closet, your car, bedding, or the air. 

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What is Juniper Berry Essential Oil Used For?

Juniper Berry essential oil is distilled from the dusty blue berries of the evergreen juniper shrub. Juniper grows natively in forests and woodlands throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and has a long history of traditional use in these areas. In Ancient Egypt and Rome, juniper berries were eaten to support digestion, and several Native American tribes made tea from Juniper Berry to enjoy its health benefits.*

Today, Juniper Berry essential oil is most popularly used for its cleansing benefits, both topically and internally.* A natural skin toner, Juniper Berry essential oil can be applied topically to help cleanse the skin and promote a clear complexion.

Is Juniper Berry Safe to Ingest?

When taken internally, Juniper Berry supports the health of the urinary tract and kidneys.* It may also promote the health of the lungs and respiratory system.* Experimental research suggests that Juniper Berry essential oil (due to the alpha-pinene content) possesses properties that may help to support the overall health of the digestive system when taken internally.* To take internally, add one to two drops to water or citrus drinks as part of a natural cleansing regimen.*

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