A popular digestive tonic, Lemongrass has a refreshing lemon-herb-like aroma.* Lemongrass essential oil supports the health of the nervous system, promotes a cheerful mood, and tones the skin. It’s also a popular oil to use in massage to refresh and rejuvenate muscles.

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Usage Tips:

  • Diffuse Lemongrass oil to promote a positive outlook.
  • Use Lemongrass oil to flavor entrées and meat dishes while promoting healthy digestion.*
  • To discourage insects, combine one cup of water and ten to fifteen drops of Lemongrass essential oil in a spray bottle. Shake gently and spritz before going outside.
  • Lemongrass oil Blends well with Basil, Cardamom, or Spearmint. 
  • Combine equal parts Fractionated Coconut Oil and Lemongrass oil for a massage after a hard workout.

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What Do You Use Lemongrass Essential Oil For?

Lemongrass oil is used to support healthy digestion and ease occasional stomach discomfort.* Lemongrass essential oil tones and purifies the skin, promotes healthy circulation, and helps support the health of the nervous system.* When diffused on a back patio or applied topically to clothing, Lemongrass oil naturally discourages bugs and has many similar properties to the closely related citronella grass.

Diffuse Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass oil is balancing to the emotions. Diffuse or inhale Lemongrass oil throughout the day to soothe anxious feelings, heighten awareness, and promote a positive outlook. Lemongrass oil can also be diluted with a carrier oil and used typically after a workout for a refreshing massage. Thanks to its pleasing aroma, Lemongrass essential oil is often added to perfumes, soaps, and cosmetics. 

What is Lemongrass Essential Oil?

Lemongrass essential oil comes from the fragrant leaves and fibrous stems of Cochin grass, also known as the lemongrass plant. doTERRA Lemongrass oil is distilled from fresh lemongrass grown on family farms in Southern India. Here, on mountainsides up to 8,000 feet above sea level, the high rainfall contributes to a Lemongrass oil with a higher citral content, which makes it superior.

Lemongrass is native to tropical parts of Asia, where it has been used in cooking and in Ayurvedic health solutions for over a thousand years. The thick, fibrous stems of the lemongrass plant are used as flavoring throughout Southeast Asia in soups, curries, teas, seafood, poultry, and beef dishes. A drop or two of doTERRA Lemongrass essential oil can impart a subtle lemongrass flavor to Asian-inspired soups and curries.

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