Evōlve You: Relief Kit (Enrollment) (Vegan)


Whether you’re starting a new workout routine or just kicking it up a notch from last year, you need to care for your body during the transition. Drink plenty of water. Fuel yourself with nourishing food. And don’t forget your Deep Blue™ Stick! The Evolve You: Relief Kit has the products you need to support your physical goals.

Size: 1 Kit
Retail: $251.33
Wholesale: $188.50

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The Evolve You: Relief Kit (Enrollment) (Vegan) includes

Deep Blue™ Stick

Deep Blue® 5 mL

Copaiba Softgels

Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules

doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® (Vegan)

+ One-year doTERRA membership!

With a free one-year doTERRA membership, you can purchase any doTERRA products you’d like at wholesale price for the rest of the year. If you like the products in the Evolve You: Relief Kit, the Relief Wellness Program is the next step toward managing discomfort naturally so you can live your life to the fullest.


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