Enrollment Kits

Not sure where to start, with your dōTERRA collection? dōTERRA Enrollment Kits are the PERFECT WAY to get started!

Purchasing a dōTERRA Enrollment kit not only makes it SUPER EASY to order everything you need, but you also SAVE EVEN MORE MONEY because there are additional savings below the wholesale cost!

Plus, the $35 standard wholesale yearly membership fee is WAIVED when you purchase a dōTERRA Enrollment Kit!

There are several different enrollment kits available. Hopefully one of them will be perfect for your needs!

The Evolve|Connection Tour Kit 2021 is now available!

Note: The glass dispenser bottles are included in this kit!

(The glass dispenser bottles will be available for individual purchase later this month… but for now, THIS KIT is the only way to get them!)

The Evolve|Connection Tour Kit 2021 is available WITHOUT the glass dispenser bottles, too!

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Healthy Habits Kit

Healthy Start Kit

Home Essentials Kit

Natural Solutions Kit

Simple Solutions Kit