doTERRA evolve | Connection Tour 2021 Kit

Want to get your hands on convention products? This kit conveniently puts them all together! The dōTERRA evōlve | Connection Tour 2021 Kit includes new, exclusive products so you can experience what the excitement is all about.

At full wholesale price, this kit would cost $247.75, but you can get it for only $210.00—over $35.00 in savings! Plus, if you combine the PV of this kit (175 PV) with the purchase of the limited Hygge™ Cozy Blend (29.5 PV), your order will be over 200 PV and qualify you for any current 200 PV promo. Order today to bring the best of convention home with you.

Size: 1 kit
Retail: $280.00
Wholesale: $210.00


This kit contains:

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Limit of two per account while supplies last