PB Assist®+ Probiotic Defense Formula

PB Assist®+

Probiotic Defense Formula

PB Assist + Probiotic Defense Formula supports healthy digestive function and immunity with six strains of probiotics.* Each serving provides 6 billion live probiotic cultures to maintain intestinal microflora balance and support the healthy functioning of the GI tract.*

Usage Tips:

  • Take two pills a day to help support a healthy digestive system.*
  • Take PB Assist+ in conjunction with GX Assist®, DigestZen TerraZyme® and the Zendocrine® complex as the doTERRA Cleanse.

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Support healthy digestion and immunity with PB Assist+, a powerful Probiotic Defense Formula from doTERRA.* This supplement helps increase the number of good bacteria in the intestines, which are necessary for digestive health.*

Each serving of PB Assist+ delivers 6 billion CFUs of active probiotic cultures and soluble pre-biotic fiber to support proper digestive function, particularly of the colon and intestinal tract.* Supplementing your diet with probiotics promotes a healthy intestinal tract, increased digestive comfort, optimal metabolism, and the absorption of nutrients in the GI tract.* Recent studies suggest that a healthy balance of probiotic bacteria in the gut also helps the body maintain healthy immune system function.*

PB Assist+ delivers six key strains of beneficial bacteria needed for proper absorption and digestion of foods.* This powerful formula includes pre-biotic fiber (known as pre-biotic fructo-oligosaccharides or FOS), plus 6 billion CFUs of active probiotic microorganisms: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillussalivarius, and Lactobacillus casei.

While the benefits of probiotics are well documented, many probiotic supplements cannot pass through the stomach acid unharmed. PB Assist + is unique because it is encapsulated in a time-release double-layer capsule, which protects the probiotic cultures as they pass through the stomach so they can provide the digestive and immune support that you need.*

For digestive maintenance, take one to three PB Assist+ pills a day with meals, as needed, to support immunity and healthy digestive function.* Children and adults who don’t like taking pills may enjoy PB Assist Jr, a great-tasting powdered probiotic supplement from doTERRA with 5 billion CFUs of active probiotics per serving.

What Makes PB Assist+ Unique?

The proprietary formula of pre-biotic fiber and probiotic microorganisms contained with PB Assist+ includes L. acidophilus, B. bifidus, B. longum, L. plantarum, and L. caseii to promote a positive balance and variety of beneficial gut bacteria.* 

While the benefits of probiotics are well documented, many supplements cannot pass through stomach acid unharmed. The time-release, double-layer vegetable capsule used in PB Assist+ protects the probiotic cultures as they pass through the stomach so they can provide the digestive and immune support you need.*

PB Assist+ Uses and Benefits

  1. Maintaining a healthy GI tract requires a balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut. PB Assist+ provides the building blocks to promote a positive balance and proliferation of beneficial gut bacteria.*
  2. The ingredients of PB Assist+ are designed to help maintain the healthy balance in the gut needed for good GI health.* The 6 billion CFUs (colony-forming units) contained in PB Assist+ help maintain healthy intestinal microflora balance.*
  3. As mentioned, the GI tract is an important part of good immune and digestive health. The pre-biotic fiber and probiotic microorganisms in PB Assist+ support healthy functioning of the digestive and immune systems.*
  4. PB Assist+ supports the health of the GI tract, particularly the intestines and colon.*
  5. Even those with the healthiest diets may have issues with absorption when their GI tract is not running at peak efficiency. PB Assist+ helps support optimal metabolism and absorption of food.*
  6. Taking PB Assist+ is a great way to maintain microflora population after a cleanse.* Although beneficial, cleansing also may negatively influence the bacteria balance in the gut; PB Assist+ helps restore the equilibrium.*
  7. PB Assist+ provides a convenient way to support GI tract health. Three capsules a day of PB Assist+ with food will help you maintain healthy microflora balance.*
  8. This supplement can be used following a cleanse to re-colonize your friendly digestive flora, for 10 days each month, or more frequently and for extended periods of time when digestive flora has been compromised by antibiotics or other digestive stressors.* 
  9. Not only is PB Assist+ a convenient way to maintain gastrointestinal and gut health, but it is also safe to use for all members of your family.*

How to Take PB Assist+

Take one double-layer capsule three times daily with food for 10 days each month to promote colonization of friendly digestive flora.*

Can be used more frequently and for extended periods of time when digestive flora has been compromised by digestive stressors.

PB Assist+ also may be used when traveling to boost digestive immunities, or once a day as an ongoing maintenance program for people with occasional digestive discomfort.* 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.