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December 2022 Promos

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FREE Frankincense!

This December, you can receive Frankincense 15 mL for FREE with any single 200 PV order!

Wow! That’s $100 value, for FREE! 🎉

Frankincense is the King of Oils! Not only does it have amazing health benefits, but it also magnifies the properties of OTHER oils when blended together!

This offer is only available while supplies last! Just place any order that’s 200 PV or above, and it’s automatically added to your cart!

Best Life Essential Oils image

Best Life Essential Oils image

Bubble Diffuser + Hygge Bundle!

Get the Bubble Diffuser with Hygge Cozy Blend while supplies last!

This limited-time combo features one of our most popular diffusers paired with the warm, welcoming Hygge blend that people have been begging to come back!

Get it while supplies last! (The Bubble Diffuser sold out within HOURS last time it was available!) 😲

Stocking Stuffer Sale!

30% OFF (or more) on select items!

From hand wash, to lotions, to diffusers and even adorable holiday cookie cutters, select items are at least 30% OFF!

Plus, when you buy Yarrow|Pom Capsules, you get Brightening Gel FREE! 😲🎉

Best Life Essential Oils image

Best Life Essential Oils image

Holiday Gifts

Most of the dōTERRA holiday collection launched November 1, but new products are available now too!

Check out our holiday collection one last time before wrapping those gifts! Available while supplies last.

Balsam Fir is the FREE Product of the Month!

Enjoy fresh forest ambiance FOR FREE! 🌲

Place a loyalty order of 125 PV or more, on or before December 15, and receive Balsam Fir 5 mL and a ceramic bottle ornament for FREE while supplies last!

Looking for the perfect way to reach 125 PV? Order the new dōTERRA MetaPWR™ Collection! This kit will give you 150 PV and the chance to try this revolutionary system.

Best Life Essential Oils image

Best Life Essential Oils image

Douglas Fir is on Sale!

Douglas Fir is 10% off all December long, while supplies last!

Now’s the perfect time to stock up, so that this exclusive essential oil can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Free Membership—Customize Your Enrollment Kit!

It’s easier than ever to earn and enjoy dōTERRA membership!

From October 1st to December 31st, when new members join with an order of 150 PV or more, their $35 membership fee will be waived, plus free shipping!

That means you can use any combination of products that you want (even the new Holiday products) to get your own wholesale account! Amazing! 🤩🎄

Best Life Essential Oils

Best Life Essential Oils image

MetaPWR™ Products Are Available Individually!

Have you experienced the power of the MetaPWR system yet? Starting today, each product in the system is individually available for purchase. So grab your products and start your journey toward your most powerful life today!

The MetaPWR system kit is still available too!

For a limited time, this kit qualifies as an enrollment kit and will also include one year of doTERRA Wholesale membership for new doTERRA customers!

No matter what your goals are, dōTERRA has you covered! 🥳

Don’t forget to grab the Holiday Products before they sell out! 🎄

As always, if you have ANY questions, please Contact Me!

🎁🎄 Here’s to an AMAZING December! 🎄🎁

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Are you LOVING your doTERRA products, and can’t stop talking about them? Do you need a new side-hustle doing something you already LOVE talking about?

Whether you’ve been wanting to do something different or think it could be a great fit for someone you love, now is a GREAT time to become a Wellness Advocate!

I have gathered everything you need, to help make things SUPER EASY for you! 

Come check out our doTERRA Business Hub!

(Share the link with anyone you know! It’s all FREE! 💐)

Monthly Promotions

December Promo’s

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December is finally here and I’m so excited for this month’s promos!

You can get a FREE Pinecone Ornament and FREE Clove 15 mL when you place a 125 PV loyalty order by December 15th!

Ylang Ylang is 10% off all month long, too!

The 200 PV promo is WOW! When you place a 200 PV loyalty order in December, you will receive 5 mL bottles each of Frankincense, Myrrh, and the new Holiday Love blend, for FREE!

Best Life Essential Oils image

You can get a FREE Pinecone Ornament and FREE Clove 15 mL when you place a 125 PV loyalty order by December 15th!

Best Life Essential Oils image

Ylang Ylang is 10% off all month long!

Best Life Essential Oils image

The 200 PV promo is WOW! When you place a 200 PV loyalty order in December, you will receive 5 mL bottles each of Frankincense, Myrrh, and the new Holiday Love blend, for FREE!

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

Don’t let this amazing promo pass you up!

All 3 are FREE with any 200 PV order this month! 😍🎄

The Holidays are HERE!

The Holiday Season is HERE, and dōTERRA has all of your Holiday shopping covered! 🎁🎄

There are quite a few products for the man in your life, too! 😍

Even MORE Holiday items are available now! (and some have sold out already, too.) Come see ALL the Holiday products! 🎁🎄

SO many great products to choose from this December!

(Be sure to grab the special 200 PV Promo! Frankincense, Myrrh AND Holiday Love, for FREE! 😍)

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December 2020 Promo’s!

December is a month of celebration for many, because it’s Jesus’ birthday month!

One of the oils that was brought to Jesus as a baby, was Frankincense. It is known as the King of Oils. Not just because it was good enough for Jesus, but because it is AMAZING for pretty much every ailment and/or issue you may have.

There’s an old saying that still holds true to this day: “When in doubt, use Frankincense.” Yep, it’s THAT good. It’s a tad on the expensive side, but totally worth it!

AND IT’S FREE THIS MONTH with any 200+ PV order!!

You saw that right! FREE!! (That’s a $68 wholesale value!!)

Hurry Hurry, before they run out! That’s a deal that won’t last long!! 🙂

The Royal Treatment, Inside and Out
This holiday season, discover a royal oil. As the king of oils, Frankincense offers numerous powerful benefits. Place an order of at least 200 PV during December to get Frankincense for free!

Lost in a Frosty Forest
Want the perfect seasonal essential oil? Balsam Fir provides a grounding, woody aroma that complements any holiday blend. Place a loyalty order of at least 125 PV by December 15 to receive this oil along with an exclusive dolomite ornament for free while supplies last!

Spice Up the Holidays
Bring warmth to your winter with Cardamom! Its delicious taste is a wonderful addition to holiday treats. And you get all its incredible benefits. Enjoy 10% this month while supplies last!

NEW Enrollment Kit!
Say hello to the Best of the Season Enrollment kit, available while supplies last to anyone who enrolls from December 1-31. This is the perfect time to join our family as we head into the new year—together.

More Holiday Surprises are Here!
Ready for more holiday fun? New holiday products are now available! A Cuisine Collection just for cooking, Kintana—a new personal fragrance, doTERRA Serenity®️ Linen Mist and Adaptiv®️ Calming Spray are available while supplies last.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

If you have ANY questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to Contact Me!

Essential Oil Tips and Tricks

Are your pets “Fireworks Ready?”

Fireworks are VERY stressful for your pets!

Pets can become so traumatized by the flashing lights and booming noises, that they run away in fear (and become lost) or have major health issues (like a seizure or heart attack!)

Essential Oils can help tremendously!

Serenity blend is probably my FAVORITE to use, because it has Lavender in it. If you only have ONE doTERRA essential oil in your tool kit for pets, Lavender will work great in a pinch. Even the great Ceaser Milan agrees!

There is a great recipe in the Essential Life book (aka the “Oil Bible”) for a Doggie Anxiety Spray that I spray on the dog bed, or in the car before traveling, or just spray in the air if I need QUICK results! (Vetiver adds an extra layer of SUPER calmness, that is usually reserved for big animals such as horses!)

Doggie Anxiety Spray

(pg 457 The Essential Life book, 6th edition)

  • 4 oz glass spray bottle
  • 20 drops dōTERRA Lavender essential oil
  • 10 drops dōTERRA Cederwood essential oil
  • 5 drops dōTERRA Vetiver essential oil
  • 5 drops dōTERRA Frankincense essential oil
  • Distilled water

Diffusing any of these essential oils into the air, is also REALLY relaxing for your pet! (and for you, too!)

Some other essential oils that I love to diffuse in the house during stressful times, are Adaptiv blend, Balance blend, Copaiba, and Roman Chamomile, and Vetiver.

Remember, if you are applying essential oils directly to their fur, you ALWAYS want to make sure to dilute your dōTERRA essential oils! Just because they have fur, doesn’t mean they can handle essential oils at full strength!

Here is a handy dilution chart, no matter what size your best friend is:

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

If you would like more information about how to add dōTERRA essential oils to your life, please contact me or email me for more information!