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Labor Day Sale!

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Labor Day Diffuser Bundle Sale!

Grab these diffuser bundles at 25% OFF, until Sept 6th!

Choose from the cordless + rechargeable Roam diffuser, or the cordless + highly portable Pilot, or the stylish and sleek Laluz diffuser, each bundled with essential oils to save even MORE money! 😍

Would you like a wholesale account to save even more?

You’re in luck!

Right now, you can customize your own enrollment kit! 😍

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Best Life Essential Oils image

There are lots of Promotions going on this month, too!

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As always, if you have ANY questions, please Contact Me!

 Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone! 🥳

Monthly Promotions

New Diffuser Bundles!

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Now your favorite dōTERRA diffusers are bundled with select dōTERRA essential oils, to help you SAVE MONEY! 🥳

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Pebble™ Diffuser & Japanese Peppermint Bundle

The Pebble Diffuser is a cute and stylish diffuser, perfect for any small space (like a bathroom, or study area.)

Don’t let it’s small size fool you though, it’s surprisingly powerful!

Now, The Pebble Diffuser is bundled with dōTERRA Japanese Peppermint! (an exclusive essential oil, only available in this bundle!)

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Pilōt® Portable Diffuser & abōde™ Refreshing Blend Bundle

The Pilōt® Diffuser is a small portable cordless diffuser, that can travel everywhere with you! It even comes with a carrying case!

Now, The Pilōt® Diffuser is bundled with dōTERRA abōde™ Refreshing Blend! This amazing blend is the backbone of the dōTERRA Home product line, that cleans naturally while smelling AMAZING!

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Laluz® Diffuser with Lemon and Lavender Bundle

The Laluz® Diffuser is a small elegant diffuser, that adds a touch of luxury anywhere you place it!

You can choose from several light options to show off the beautiful glass top cover, too!

Now, The Laluz® Diffuser is bundled with two of dōTERRA’s most popular essential oils: Lemon and Lavender!

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Roam® Diffuser with Lime and Grapefruit Bundle

The Roam® Diffuser is a GORGEOUS portable and cordless diffuser, with a powerful rechargeable battery as well!

To recharge, you simply place on the charging pad! (SO cool!)

This will likely become THE diffuser that you’ll end up taking around the entire house with you, from room to room!

Now, The Roam® Diffuser is bundled with two of dōTERRA’s most popular and highly motivational essential oils: Lime and Grapefruit!

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Dawn® Aroma Humidifier with Lemon Eucalyptus and Wild Orange

The Dawn® Aroma Humidifier is a HUGE large-capacity humidifier that can automatically adjust the humidity output while you sleep!

This humidifier is simply AMAZING. Say goodbye to dry skin, dry hair, or chapped lips. With up to 22 hours of runtime, your entire house can have the comfortable humidity level that you deserve!

Now, the Dawn® Aroma Humidifier is bundled with two of dōTERRA’s most popular and highly refreshing essential oils: Wild Orange and Lemon Eucalyptus!

These amazing bundle deals are only available while supplies last!

Be sure to grab your diffuser bundle today! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️


April 2021 Promo’s!

This month’s FREE Product of the Month is Lime!

Lime is SO great in a diffuser during heavy pollen times of the year! It smells amazing, too!

Make sure to place your Loyalty Rewards order between April 1st and April 15th, with at least 125 PV, and receive 15ml of dōTERRA Lime essential oil, FOR FREE!

Plus, all April long, get 10% off Neroli!

Neroli is from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. It is similar to Petitgrain (which is made from the fruit stems of the bitter orange tree) but has a wonderful distinct citrus floral scent. Like Petitgrain, it is amazingly calming and uplifting.

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Introducing the Aroma Essentials Kit!!

Available as either an enrollment kit OR as a loyalty order, this kit gives you an amazing assortment of dōTERRA Essential Oils to diffuse in your home at any time of day (or night!)

This kit includes many of the must-haves for targeted issues… such as Adaptiv (for stress) or Serenity (for sleep) or Cheer (to uplift on those rainy days) or On Guard (for improved immunity) or Breathe (for easier breathing) plus many more!!

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Introducing 2 new Wellness Kits… Respiratory Kit, and Sleep Kit!

Just like the other wellness kits, there are 3 months of pre-selected products to help you EASILY target and address your issue! No more guessing games!

Have a wonderful month, Everyone!

Please feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions!

And, as always…

May the Oils be ever in your Favor!


NEW ENROLLMENT KIT – “Best of the Season”

The “Best of the Season” Enrollment Kit is here, and only available for a limited time!

This new enrollment kit is incredible!! dōTERRA has pulled together the best products—scents of the season, products for mind and mood management, a diffuser, and more—to help you finish the year strong and start 2021 off right!

Have you been wanting to add the amazing quality of doTERRA essential oils to your life, but didn’t know where to start? OR, have some of your friends been asking you about doTERRA essential oils, but you didn’t know exactly how to help them??


This kit is WOWZERS!!! It’s everything you need to start your journey with doTERRA essential oils, and ALSO everything you need to manage a hectic Holiday season!!

  • Mind and Mood Kit 1 includes Adaptiv® Capsules, doTERRA Balance® 15 mL, Adaptiv Touch 10 mL, and Mini Natural Deodorant with doTERRA Balance to help you unwind from head to toe.
  • Peppermint 15 mL, a doTERRA favorite, promotes healthy digestion when taken internally.*
  • Clove 15 mL will bring the scents of the season into your home as you cozy up with those you love.
  • Northern Escape 15 mL is an exclusive oil that will instantly turn your home into an inviting frosty forest.
  • Lemon 15 mL is the perfect oil for naturally cleansing the body when used internally.*
  • Laluz Diffuser will transform any room into a sanctuary with up to eight hours of run time and three ambient light settings. 
  • The latest issue of doTERRA Living Magazine brings you all the doTERRA news and inspiration you don’t want to miss.

Also, as with any enrollment kit, the $35 wholesale enrollment fee is WAIVED! You can enjoy wholesale prices from dōTERRA for an ENTIRE YEAR without any middle man, or any gimmicks, or any pressure! It’s YOUR HEALTH, your way!

(For those wondering what happens after 1 year, the yearly membership cost of $35 is automatically added to your shopping cart after 12 months of membership… and you ALSO get a FREE 15ml bottle of Peppermint… so it’s like extending your wholesale membership for free!)

Wellness Kits – This enrollment kit includes the 1st round of the Mind & Mood Wellness Kit, which is an amazing asset during the stressful Holiday season! It’s a great introduction to the Wellness Kits too! They are thoughtfully put together to help you tackle your most important health concerns, without any guesswork!

Don’t miss out on this AMAZING enrollment kit! It’s only available for a limited time!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!