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dōTERRA Holiday 2022 Products!

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The Holidays are around the corner! And you know what THAT means…


And this year, they outdid themselves! Absolutely AMAZING! 😍🎄

Here’s the full lineup! (Most will be available November 1st!)

Let’s look more closely at the dōTERRA 2022 Holiday products!

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Holiday Joy and Holiday Peace blends are BACK!

These amazing Holiday blends are MUST-HAVES!

Pro-tip: These sell out QUICKLY every year, so please stock up while you can!

Pro-tip #2: Do your pets get super nervous with all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays? Diffusing Holiday Peace helps them TOO! (It’s the Vetiver in the blend – you can add more Vetiver to your diffuser too, if needed!) 🎄🐶🐱🎄

Holiday Room Sprays!

Holiday Peace Room Spray is BACK again this year!

Known in Nordic countries as hygge—pronounced “hoo-gah”—this feeling of coziness and contentment inspired Hygge oil blend.  Hygge Room Spray is a PERFECT way to enjoy nights by the fire, or any family gathering!

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

Train Diffuser Combo!

This might be the star of the 2022 Holiday Products showcase, and a surefire conversation piece!

It’s a decoration AND a diffuser! And it whistles! 🚂🎄

Plus, it comes with a 5 ml bottle of undiluted Stronger blend (Children’s Protective Blend) too! WOW! 😍

Diffusing Garland!

You read that right…. it’s decorative garland, that can be a diffuser too!

Just add a few drops of your favorite doTERRA essential oils to the 100% organic wool beads! SO simple! 🎄

Each strand is 9 feet long. Be sure to buy according to your decorating needs! 🎄

Available December 1st!

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

Blue Lotus Touch is BACK!

The coveted fan favorite Blue Lotus is BACK in convenient Touch roll-on form! It’s the perfect holiday addition to your skincare routine, and it smells AMAZING too! 🥰

Essential Oil Storage Case!

Storing your essential oils safely is a MUST, and this super cute storage case is perfect for travel, or your countertop!

Dark Chocolate Mini Bars!

Treat yourself (and your friends & family) to AMAZING decadence that’s actually good for you!

Keto-Friendly, Sugar-Free, AND Gluten-Free! 😍

These always sell out QUICK, so stock up while you can!

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

Cuisine Blend Collection!

Whipping up healthy food that is actually GOOD for you, has never been so easy!

Check out the free eBook with recipes too!

You can also get each Cuisine blend separately too!


That’s not a typo! Instead of toxic synthetic perfume on your skin, treat yourself to PURE essential oils, blended to be worn as your new personal aroma!

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

Mālama™ Collection!

The Mālama™ blend (Nurturing Blend) is one of the newest blends, and it has created a LOT of buzz! It’s sure to become your new favorite blend!

The Mālama™ Collection of products is available this Holiday season, only while supplies last!

You can also get them individually, too!

Midnight Forest Gift Set!

Treat the men in your life to products they will LOVE to use every single day! (You might want to stock up for upcoming birthdays, too!) Available December 1st!

You can also get them individually, too!

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Best Life Essential Oils image

NEW Hope Touch!

Hope Touch Uplifting Blend is updated, and better than ever!

As always, every single Hope Touch purchase goes towards the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, to fight human trafficking and victimization!

What a GREAT way to give back to others! 😇

Be sure to put one in EVERY stocking this year, and let them know they are helping to fight human trafficking! 🥰🎄

Be sure to grab your Wishlist items before they sell out! 🤶🎅

🎄 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 🎄

As always, if you have ANY questions, please Contact Me! 💮

New Products!

dōTERRA Convention 2022 Products!

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The dōTERRA annual convention always means…


And this year, they outdid themselves! Absolutely AMAZING! 😍

And there are SO MANY new products, too! WOW! 🤯

The 2022 Convention Kit will be available October 1st!

Here’s the full lineup of new products!

(The availability date is listed at the bottom!)

Let’s look more closely at ALL of these amazing new products!

MetaPWR is HERE!

Meta = Metabolism

PWR = Personal. Wellness. Realized.

These products, when used together, will TRANSFORM your metabolism!

The MetaPWR System Kit will be available Oct 1st!

NEW MetaPWR Products!

These products are intended to be used together, as a system.

The MetaPWR System Kit will be available Oct 1st!

Individual MetaPWR products, available Nov 1st!

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

New SuperMint Blend!

Introducing SuperMint, a new blend that brings all of the powerhouse mints together—Peppermint, Japanese Mint, Bergamot Mint, and Spearmint!

This comes in a 15 mL bottle, Touch form, and Beadlets!

Available for individual purchase January 2023!

Introducing Guaiacwood!

Meet one of doTERRA’s newest essential oils—Guaiacwood.

Known to the native people in Paraguay as “Holy Wood”, This unique oil is sure to become one of your new favorites!

Guaiacwood is so hard and dense, that one single log burns all night long! And… it sinks in water!

Available for individual purchase Oct 1st!

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

Hair Care Bars!

Meet the new Hair Care Strengthening Bars! (Yes, BARS!)

There’s a Shampoo Strengthening Bar, and Conditioner Strengthening Bar!

This is going to TOTALLY CHANGE how you care for your hair! (And how you pack for vacation, too!)

Available for individual purchase Oct 1st!

On Guard Hand Gel is here!

Oh yes…. yet another addition to the On Guard product family, and this one is a game changer!

On Guard already has the Sanitizing Mist, and the Sanitizing Hand Wipes. And now… HAND SANITIZING GEL! 😍

Share some with everyone around you, next time you use it!

Available for individual purchase Oct 1st!

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

Eucalyptus BLEND is here!

Oh yes…. Eucalyptus just got WAY better!

There are 5 different unique species in the new blend! WOW!

If you liked Eucalyptus before, you will LOVE the new blend!

Available for individual purchase Oct 1st!

Introducing Spanish Sage!

If you struggle with focus, or memory issues, or brain fog, this is going to be your new FAVORITE oil!

Its nickname is “Salvation Plant,” and it smells like Lavender and traditional Sage had a baby!

Spanish Sage is FANTASTIC for your hair, too!

Available for individual purchase March 2023!

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

Introducing Jasmine Oil!

You might be a thinking “Wait, I thought doTERRA already had Jasmine? I have Jasmine Touch in my collection… right?”

Well, technically… NO. Jasmine Touch has Jasmine absolute, not Jasmine essential oil!

It was considered impossible to produce Jasmine essential oil, until now! doTERRA cracked the code! AMAZING! 🤩

Available for individual purchase Oct 1st!

Get Gardenia Touch Free!

Need a new Pure-fume?

Gardenia is so beautiful and uplifting, you’ll want to wear it as your personal natural pure-fume every day!

Purchase the Convention 2022 Kit and get Gardenia Touch for FREE! 😍

Available exclusively with the Convention Kit!

Best Life Essential Oils image

Best Life Essential Oils image

The 2022 Convention Kit will be available October 1st!

As always, if you have ANY questions, please Contact Me! 💐

Monthly Promotions New Products!

October 2021 Promo’s!

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for… NEW PRODUCTS! 😍

Want ALL of them, in a handy dandy money saving kit?

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The Evolve|Connection Tour Kit 2021 is now available!

Note: The glass dispenser bottles are included in this kit!

(The glass dispenser bottles will be available for individual purchase later this month… but for now, THIS KIT is the only way to get them!)

Best Life Essential Oils image

The Evolve|Connection Tour Kit 2021 is available WITHOUT the glass dispenser bottles, too!

Introducing a WHOLE NEW LINE of products, meant for your whole home! From dishes to laundry to tough cleaning jobs in your kitchen or bathroom (or anywhere in between) dōTERRA abōde can get the job done, naturally!

Best Life Essential Oils image
Best Life Essential Oils image

Slight bummer… the amber glass dispenser bottles won’t be available to buy individually again until later in the month… but you can get them when you buy the Convention Kit (until it sells out again!)

Best Life Essential Oils image

Oh, but there’s MORE! There are amazing October Promo’s, too!

The Product of the Month this October is Cypress! Place a loyalty order of at least 125 PV by September 15th, and you’ll receive Cypress for FREE!

Also, Pink Pepper is 10% OFF all month long! (YAY!!)

Your muscles hit a home run this month, because when you place your LRP order of at least 200PV this October, you will receive Deep Blue Rub and Copaiba Softgels for FREE! Amazing! 🤩

Stay tuned for more exciting products and limited time deals!

Make sure to subscribe to the blog, to get new info sent to your email!

May the Oils be ever in your Favor!

New Products!

Evolve Connection Convention Kit 2021

The evolve doTERRA | Connection 2021 Convention Kit is NOW AVAILABLE to current doTERRA wholesale account members!

For those of you who aren’t wholesale members yet, you can enroll WITH the doTERRA | Connection 2021 Convention Kit! WOW!!! 😍

The Evolve Connection 2021 Kit includes:

  • Madagascar Vanilla 5 mL
  • Copaiba Touch
  • Tulsi (Holy Basil) 5 mL
  • abode 15 mL
  • doTERRA On Guard+ Chewable Tablet (60 ct)
  • Deep Blue Stick
  • abode Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner Concentrate
  • abode Liquid Dish Soap (16 oz)
  • abode Dishwasher Pods (10 ct)
  • abode Laundry Pods (10 ct)
  • abode Foaming Hand Wash Infused with Citrus Bloom® (8 oz)
  • abode Hand Lotion Infused with Citrus Bloom®
  • Osmanthus Touch
  • Hygge 15 mL
  • Sensitive Skin Carrier Oil Blend 30 mL
  • Body Carrier Oil Blend 115 mL
  • New Oil Stickers

Note: Purchase the abode 4-in-1 Dispenser Set to use with your doTERRA abode products.

  • Limit of two while supplies last.​
  • Evolve Convention Kits cannot be added to LRP orders.
  • All Evolve Convention Kit orders will count towards Organizational Volume (OV).
  • Evolve Convention Kit orders will not count towards monthly LRP requirements.
  • A separate qualifying LRP order will need to be placed during the month of September to remain active in the program and to receive points back (50PV), commissions (100PV), and/or the Product of the Month (125PV – By 9/15).
  • ​​​​​​​All Evolve Convention Kit orders are eligible to receive LRP points back, if a separate qualifying LRP order is made during the month of September.

There are SO MANY new products that came out this year!

Let’s start going through them one by one…. starting with the ALL NEW lineup of doTERRA abode products!

The doTERRA abode blend is a powerhouse of germ killing essential oils, much like the On Guard family of products. This blend of essential oils is SO GREAT at keeping air & surfaces super clean, that over-the-counter product claims have already been approved by the FDA!

That’s right! It’s already gone through all the testing. When we say it can kill germs and keep surfaces clean, WE MEAN IT! (and we can say it freely, too!)

The doTERRA abode essential oil products are GAME CHANGERS! So much so, that doTERRA is creating a whole new product category for wellness: HOME!

With the doTERRA abode family of products, you no longer need to worry about residue left on your dishes, or residue left on your clothes, or residue left on your hands or surfaces, etc. You can keep you and your family SAFE from all the toxic chemicals found in most households! (Whew!)

So let’s go through them all, so you can get a better look at the amazing new doTERRA abode product line! 😍

The doTERRA abode essential oil blend (known as the refreshing blend) is POWERFUL and strong. It is recommended for aromatic use (i.e. diffusers) or surface cleaning only. (Should you want to try it on your skin, a 1:10 dilution is highly recommended, due to possible skin irritation.)

doTERRA abode laundry pods are a CLEAN way to wash your clothes, without any phosphates, phthalates, dyes, or chlorine.

You can now clean your clothes spot-free (with help from natural enzymes and essential oils) AND have happy + healthy skin while wearing the clothes! (YES!)

The doTERRA abode dishwasher pods are a BIG DEAL for your family’s health!

Unlike most dishwasher pods on the market, the doTERRA abode dishwasher pods are FREE from SLS, SLES, phosphates, phthalates, dyes, and chlorine!

When you use doTERRA abode dishwasher pods, your dishes will ACTUALLY be clean – WITHOUT any toxic residues!

doTERRA abode liquid dish soap is the CLEAN way to hand wash your dishes! You no longer have to worry about residue or toxins left behind on your dishes, because it’s FREE from phosphates, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, and chlorine! (YES!)

Did you think we were done with the doTERRA abode cleaning products?? (Not a chance!)

The doTERRA abode multi-purpose surface cleaner concentrate is a POWERHOUSE! This is your go-to surface cleaner for your kitchen AND bathroom! (WOW!)

Unlike most surface cleaners on the market, doTERRA abode multi-purpose surface cleaner is FREE from phosphates, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, and chlorine!

The doTERRA abode Hand Lotion had the cleansing and germ killing benefits of the abode essential oil blend PLUS the fan-favorite Citrus Bloom essential oil blend! (Oh. My. Goodness!) 😍

The doTERRA abode foaming hand wash concentrate rounds out the abode collection (for now!)

Much like the abode hand lotion, the doTERRA abode foaming hand wash concentrate combines the cleansing and germ killing benefits of the abode essential oil blend PLUS the fan-favorite Citrus Bloom Springtime Blend… PLUS banana fruit extract too! (Oh my goodness… this is amazing!) 😍

In addition, there are re-fillable glass bottles designed for the ALL NEW abode line, that you will need to order separately. (And who doesn’t want them? They are gorgeous!) 😍

Do you need a break? Need to sit down? Because WE’RE NOT DONE with the new products yet!

The amazing doTERRA Copaiba essential oil, is now available in a pre-diluted Touch blend!

Perfect for on-the-go application! Whether you need to apply it to your face for clear skin, or to aching joints or touchy nerves for nearly instant relief, the new doTERRA Copaiba Touch is a must-have for your collection!

The Deep Blue blend that we all love to apply to our tired achy muscles, is now combined with the amazing doTERRA Copaiba essential oil in a mess-free stick form!

The days of applying Deep Blue essential oil blend (or Deep Blue Rub, etc.) to your skin, and then accidently not washing your hands absolutely thoroughly, and then accidentally touching your eye (or any other sensitive area) are OVER! (Sadly, we’ve ALL done it!)

This is a GAME CHANGER, folks!

Make sure you have this in your medicine cabinet AND your gym bag!

Hygge is a Nordic term, pronounced “hoo-gah,” which means a feeling of coziness and contentment.

doTERRA’s new Hygge essential oil blend smells SO yummy (and makes you feel so cozy and comfortable) that you won’t ever want to leave your home (or office, or car… or wherever you choose to diffuse this wonderful new blend!)

Have you noticed how these new blends have Vanilla essential oil blend in them?

We ALL love vanilla! It’s so relaxing and inviting! For quite a while now, I have longed for doTERRA to add vanilla to their permanent lineup! (You too?)


That’s right! doTERRA Madagascar Vanilla is HERE, and a permanent product too! (Wowzers!) 🤩

This amazing essential oil is SO PURE and SO RARE that something brand new to scientists was revealed during analysis – diketones! It has amazing rejuvenating properties as well!

For your new personal scent, try layering doTERRA Madagascar Vanilla on top of any floral essential oil.

Adding doTERRA Madagascar Vanilla to doTERRA On Guard essential oil blend in your diffuser is a heavenly combination, too!

Speaking of yummy florals to possibly layer with doTERRA Madagascar Vanilla, we give you doTERRA Osmanthus Touch!

doTERRA Osmanthus has been in many of your favorite essential oil blends (Elevation, Brave, yoga Arise, Console, etc.) but has never been available to purchase separately… until NOW!

Don’t be surprised if this is your new personal fragrance, all by itself! 🥰

Many of you may remember the AMAZING doTERRA Tulsi (Holy Basil) essential oil from last year’s convention. It was available with last year’s convention kit as a limited edition essential oil.

Times have changed! doTERRA Tulsi (Holy Basil) is now a permanent product! (YAY!)

The days of single carrier oils are OVER! Introducing the ALL NEW doTERRA Carrier Oil Blends!

doTERRA® Body Oil softens and nourishes your skin with a blend of passionfruit, jojoba, baobab, moringa, and sunflower seed oils, as well as tocopherol. Colorless, odorless, and exceptionally hydrating, doTERRA Body Oil is ideal for blending with your favorite essential oils.

Sensitive Skin Carrier oil is perfect for diluting some of your favorite essential oils. This lightweight and easily absorbed carrier oil blend contains sunflower seed oil and tocopherol. To keep the skin hydrated and looking healthy, apply Sensitive Skin Carrier Oil Blend after showering or as needed to especially dry areas.

The doTERRA | Connection Convention Kit includes BOTH of these carrier oil blends!

Believe it or not, we might have saved the best for last!

I know… I know… that seems IMPOSSIBLE with all of the amazing products that you’ve just seen, right??

If you’re not already sitting down, you REALLY need to sit down now!

I give you…. doTERRA OnGuard+ CHEWABLE TABLETS!

This is your immune boosting all-in-one MUST-HAVE!

These new doTERRA OnGuard+ Chewable Tablets are packed with goodness! Not only do they have the amazing On Guard Protective Blend, but they ALSO have beta glucans, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Zinc too!

Oh.. and did I mention that they are SUGAR FREE and vegan-friendly? (YES!) 😍

The doTERRA | Connection Convention Kit is ONLY available while supplies last!

Be sure to grab yours today!

Don’t forget to include the doTERRA abode dispenser set TOO!

New Products!

dōTERRA® evōlve | connection 2021

Join Us

This year’s Connection will be held both in person and virtually—our most dynamic experience yet—and tickets are now on sale! We can’t wait to have you join us at dōTERRA evōlve | connection 2021, September 8–11.

This year’s connection theme is a tribute to the ways we’ve all been learning to evolve over the past year. As a new chapter dawns, it brings a spirit of renewal, growth, and regeneration—a spirit of evolution.

And more!

Hear about important initiatives, visit the doTERRA Marketplace, and party with us in the evenings. There’s always more to experience at Convention!

Get your convention tickets before July 31! 

Beginning August 1, ticket prices will increase, and we want you to get the best deal you can, so don’t wait!  You can attend virtually, or in person!

Pricing BEFORE July 31st: (Virtual Access)

Virtual Access
(per Household)
Virtual Access with Swag Box
(US and Canada Only)

WHAT A DEAL!! Virtual Access to ALL of the events, PLUS the Swag Bag, for only $69! WOW!! 😍

That’s like getting the Swag Bag for half the cost of the swag, with virtual access thrown in for free!

Don’t delay! After Aug 1st, Virtual Access goes up to $89 – and with the Swag Box up to $119 😲

Of course, you can attend in person too! Last year, we couldn’t meet in person because of Covid-19. This year, it’s a hybrid of in person, OR virtual!

Pricing before July 31st (In Person)

General Admission$179

There are extra add on’s too, should you want to attend the gala, or yoga classes, etc.

After August 1st, the price goes up to $250

One of the BEST things about the Convention, is being the FIRST to know about the new products coming out!

PLUS, You get to order the new products right away, even before they are on the website!

Are you salivating yet? 🥰

Be sure to sign up for dōTERRA evōlve | connection 2021 (September 8–11) today, BEFORE the prices go up on August 1st!