Did you have an AMAZING experience with your Symphony of the CellsTM essential oil protocol? Would you like others to know how fantastic they are?

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To get you started… Here are a few testimonials from the Symphony of the Cells TM website:


3 applications of Inflammation! Look at the improvement in range of motion! Thank you so much Boyd Truman for sharing your knowledge with us! My dad has been struggling for months and he’s FINALLY seeing progress. – Tracey P

1 Protocol

I did the inflammatory protocol on my mom last night—in her 68 years on earth she has served in the Air Force, fallen off a roof & fractured her lower back, was hand cuffed & beaten by an ex boyfriend, got pushed down a flight of stairs, gotten into a near fatal car accident & just recently tripped going up stairs (yes we know she doesn’t have the best of luck)—and after only 1 protocol she woke up this morning & said “I don’t know what you did to me but it was the first time in at least 15 years that I have slept 9 hours and pain free.” – Dawn B


When someone in our house isn’t feeling well, this is what we do! Symphony of the Cells to the rescue. Lots of oils and then a detox bath. She’ll be back to her cheery self in no time. I love being empowered to be my family’s first line of defense!! – Michelle T

Love These Applications!

Love these applications!! There is an application to cover basically all your physical and emotional needs! It involves layering specific oils, in a specific way to aid the body in moving towards healing! – Tina R

It Works!

I’d like to share my success with inflammatory protocol. I injured my meniscus, resulted in huge inflammation and liquid in the knee. It was very painful, limited movement, bad swelling. After almost two weeks from injury, my dear friend Tasha did the application last Thursday and I repeated on Saturday. Today I went for a check up to the doc and she was amazed with the progress. She knows I use oils and said “whatever you’re doing keep at it! It works! I didn’t expect you recovering in this speed” thank you Natasa and thank you Boyd Truman. – Dorota B


One of my most treasured essential oil resource books is Symphony of the Cells. At least once a month, my husband and I give each other one of the 18 treatments shared in the book as a way to love up on each other and ourselves. Tonight, my little girl is feeling under the weather so I will be doing the Basic Protocol on her before bed. With children, I always apply a carrier oil to their spine prior to the essential oils. This protocol is a wonderful way to boost the immune system and reduce stress. – Nikki C

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